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Making Mining Accessible To Everyone

Our professional tech team works 24/7 including holidays, taking care of ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance so that you can mine competitively. We have invested significant resources, time and effort into our facility by making mining easily accessible to everyone. This way you can fully focus on keeping track on the markets and remain competitive with your mining rewards.

Investing In New Money

What is new money? Cryptocurrency is new money. Ethereum (ETH) with a market capitalization of USD 400 Billion, new money should not be ignored. With almost 80% of the world’s smart-contract, decentralized applications, fin-tech, and games written in Ethereum Blockchain network,  ETH is bound to become the most important blockchain technology ever.

It Is Completely Safe and Secure

The Hashtrex mining facility is operated under strict supervision and is fully insured under a credible insurance company. A legal contract is in place to ensure our clients are protected by local law, limiting any risks. Every client’s mining rig is protected by insurance coverage as well.

Why Mining

It’s as simple as, owning the cow that produces an endless supply of milk VS buying milk based on the price of supply and demand.

With mining, you are no longer bound and controlled by market fluctuations, you do not have to wait for the dip in order to purchase more digital assets and you no longer have to suffer that anxiety when the price drops another 10% right after your purchase or regret not buying more when the price goes up 10% after your purchase.

Furthermore, with mining, you will be accumulating your digital assets around the clock regardless of the market price, regardless of what you are doing. So we ask you, would you rather own the cow or buy the milk?

Why Invest in Ethereum

At beginning of the year 2020 the ethereum price was at under USD $1,000 per ether token. Now it has smashed through USD $4,000. An expert of 35 panelists has predicted ethereum is set to soar to almost $20,000 by 2025 as ethereum will be the most widely transacted digital currency by the end of 2023. That an increase of 400% from its current price with major upgrades to the ethereum network potentially pushing it higher.

Traditional Investment VS Crypto Assets

The graph below shows the projection returns annually of crypto assets compared to the returns of traditional investments

Productive Assets VS Non Productive Assets


Are Asset That Produces Returns


Do Not Produce Returns By Itself

Hashtrex is a productive asset. Your mining rig produces ETH which has a value that you can sell. So your asset provides a return. Based on that return, you have a reference point for valuation.

Why Choose Hashtrex

Established in 2021, Hashtrex is the first of its kind digital asset management facility platform in Malaysia that provides investors with ease of access to digital currency.

Trusted & Secure

Trusted & Secure

  • Your assets are insured

  • Round the clock security

  • Legal operation using electricity provided by state-owned power station

  • More protection and stable electricity supply

  • Dedicated IT personnel on-site 24/7

peace of mind

Peace Of Mind

  • A one-stop solution to digital asset investment

  • Digital assets are directly transferred to your digital wallet without third party interruption

  • Monitor your assets at your fingertips


Return Of Investment

  • Opportunity to gain 500% – 700%

  • One of the highest return on investment compared to traditional investment

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